On-Site Services


COMPUTER REPAIR DALLASPCASAP has a team of mobile technical experts that will arrive onsite to troubleshoot, remedy and provide training for our customers. We specialize in solving the IT issues that slow companies down and stop them from being efficient, scalable organizations focusing on growth.

For critical service calls, we can be quickly onsite to address any IT issue. We service North and have technicians ready Monday through Saturday. Some repairs can also be done via remote login and here are the main essential areas where we assist our customers onsite:

Networking setup and maintenance

Peripheral Setup: Printers, Scanners, Network

• IT Consulting and Training

• Email and Software Set-Up

• Data Transfer

Data Recovery

• Software Installation

• Audio/Video Technician

• Virus Removal*

• System Optimization*

*Circumstances may require this service be preformed in-store. Due to a more strict requirement in tools, Laptop components can only be replaced in store.